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Crimson Eyes & Azure Pools (2015)

Jason WilliamsEscritor

The investigators journey to the Bahamas to determine the fate of a sailboat’s missing crew. The Jeremiah Orne is a small research vessel owned by Miskatonic University. While retracing the missing sailboat's trial the investigators are drawn into a web of mystery, involving modern science, Bahamian folklore, remote pine forests, and the famous Blue Holes of Andros Island. When shadowy forces are drawn into the light, the results can be deadly, as the investigators face terrible choices that drive them to the edge of madness.


Tales of the CaribbeanGolden Goblin PressOct 2016

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Crimson Eyes & Azure Pools
Inglés, 2015
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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1920s ●●

Nasáu (intermedia)
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