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The Beast in the Cave (2020)

Riz MorriconeDirector
  • 11 min | Estados Unidos | Inglés | Dogman Narratives
  • Cortometraje de animación (CGI) basado en el relato The Beast in the Cave (1905) de H. P. Lovecraft.

    The Beast in the Cave (2020) Riz Morricone.

    The classic tale of H.P. Lovecraft The Beast in the Cave is about a man who is touring the Mammoth Cave and gets separates from his guide and becomes lost. Animated H.P. Lovecraft short film.

    Dogman Narratives tells true scary stories and some horror fiction. Whether it's dogman, bigfoot, Skinwalker, or any other scary cryptids.

    I Animate, design, edit, and narrate by myself. CGI ARTIST, ANIMATOR, & HORROR FILMMAKER.

    Dogman Narratives - YouTube

    Production notes:

    Original ideas where to have the beast shown naked. This would provide more of a scary environment. Just imagine being lost in a small cave with a scary looking naked monster running after you. But, I scared this idea to make it most enjoyable for a wider audience.

    I changed the dialogue to reflected more modern times and colloquial language.

    H.P. Lovecraft The Beast in the Cave | HP Lovecraft Monster (

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    Después de The Beast in the Cave, ahora llega... H.P. Lovecraft - The Beast in the Cave 2, la precuela basada en el relato de H. P. Lovecraft. Con un par.

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    Me los apunto, gracias.

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    The Beast in the Cave

    Inglés, 2020
    Animación, Ajeno

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