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Sacrifice (2020)

Andy CollierDirector
Toor MianDirector
Barbara CramptonActriz
Sacrifice (2020) (Aka. The Colour of Madness)
  • Título original: The Colour of Madness - 1h 27min | Reino Unido | Inglés | Loose Canon Films / Hydra Films
  • Después de la muerte de su madre, Isaac y su esposa embarazada Emma regresan a la remota isla noruega donde nació para lidiar con una herencia inesperada. Durante su visita, la pareja descubre oscuros secretos del pasado de Isaac. Su agradable viaje se convierte en una pesadilla cuando Isaac y su esposa encuentran un culto siniestro que adora a una deidad que habita en el mar.

    Película inspirada en el relato "Men of the Cloth" (2013) de Paul Kane y en los relatos de los Mitos de Cthulhu de H. P. Lovecraft.

    "Men of the Cloth" does appear in The Colour of Madness, a tie-in which was put together when the movie was originally called that – it was changed a bit later on to Sacrifice – but the novelette first appeared in a collection called The Spaces Between back in 2013. It’s about ten thousand words, and I was having trouble placing it anywhere because of the length, so I put it in a collection of other longer pieces.

    It was written a few years before that even, inspired by my time when I was teaching out in the community. I used to go out in the car to some really isolated places, teaching Painting & Drawing and Creative Writing. On one such occasion I was driving through a remote village and spotted all these scarecrows in the gardens that looked pretty terrifying, and that sparked the idea for a story about a man dragging his family back to England from America to try and find out more about his origins.

    There’s actually very little Lovecraftian stuff in the original, other than a sense that something strange is going on in this community which is quite cult-like. A lot of that was put in by writer/directors Andy Collier and Tor Mian when they wrote the script for Sacrifice, as was transplanting the original English setting to Norway.

    Sacrifice - Paul Kane Interview - Set The Tape (

    It’s always annoying watching an adaptation of a great novel or short story and realising the filmmakers have completely butchered the source material. I despise many-a film for doing this and am left wondering why the hell they didn’t just film what was originally on the page. With this in mind, any fan of Paul Kane’s "Men Of The Cloth" will probably want to shoot us in the back of the head!

    Much of the story elements, characters and of course, the setting, are unrecognisable from the source material. So much so that we credit Sacrifice as being inspired by "Men Of The Cloth" rather than being a direct adaptation. Don’t get me wrong; we would have loved to do a straight-up adaption. We just would have needed ten times the budget!

    What we hope remains from the wonderful source material is its creeping unease, claustrophobia and sense of otherworldliness. Hopefully, we’ve at least honoured its essence and the next time we see Paul he won’t have a gun in his hand…

    Sacrifice: Interview with Tor Mian - SciFiNow (

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    El regreso de Barbara Crampton a los Mitos de Cthulhu.

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