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The Picture in the House (2020)

Videojuego gratuito basado en The Picture in the House (1920, Literatura) desarrollado por Dystopia Game Studio.

Indie | Aventura | Lovecraftiano | 3D | Un jugador | Primera persona | Terror | Puzles

You are a young Boston researcher conducting genealogical studies in the city of Arkham. Once you have lost your way, you come across a worn-out house forgotten by the world, but something and someone is hidden inside. Guide the protagonist through puzzle games, cinematics and dark and ancient mysteries.

•Creative Puzzle game: You will have to face different types of ancient and mysterious mechanisms to get to the bottom of the story.

•Unique Animated 2d cinematic: Different animated 2d cinematic for better storytelling

•Interactive books: Interactable and browsable books with unique illustrations

"This project made us start a journey in the world of video games, it formed and excited us, we wanted to give a personal touch to the story of Lovecraft to give you an experience in Lovecraftian atmospheres for free."

The Picture in the House en Steam

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Gorgo Héroe Bibliotecario
05-04-2021 11:14

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Free to play en Steam (idioma inglés)

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The Picture in the House

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The Picture in the House (1920) ●●

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