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Edge of Nowhere (2016)

Videojuego con soporte exclusivo para la realidad virtual de Oculus Rift basado en la novela At the Mountains of Madness (1931) de H.P. Lovecraft, desarrollado por Insomniac Games.

Acción | 3D | Realidad Virtual | Tercera persona | Un jugador | Survival horror | Lovecraftiano | Ambientación polar | Plataformas | Sigilo | Años 30

Edge of Nowhere is a third-person VR adventure from acclaimed independent developer Insomniac Games. Victor Howard is on a journey to find his fiancée, Ava Thorne, who is part of a lost expedition in Antarctica. His rescue mission takes a sudden turn as he ventures deeper into a dark monstrous world where reality warps and twists around him. Desperate to find the one he loves, Victor must encounter disturbing monsters and scale looming ice walls as he descends further into madness. In Edge of Nowhere, nothing is what it seems and the unexpected lurks from all sides.

Edge of Nowhere en Oculus Rift

Explore the mysterious Antarctic and experience Lovecraftian-esque-horror. Use your wits to escape dark caverns and the dangers that await you in the cold, and inside your own mind.

Edge of Nowhere | Insomniac Games

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Edge of Nowhere

Inglés, 2016
Survival Horror, Mitos

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obra: At the Mountains of Madness (1931)
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