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At the Reefers of Madness (2009)

Brian ClementDirector

15 mins | Canadá | Inglés | IMDb

At the Reefers of Madness (2009)

At The Reefers Of Madness is a Lovecraft-influenced stoner comedy that imagines what would happen if modern college students attending Miskatonic University found themselves in the possession of the ancient book of evil, The Necronomicon. Instead of using it to obtain limitless power, they only want to conjure more weed for themselves. A Disciple of the Great Old Ones offers to grant their wish in exchange for a sacrifice, and soon the students find themselves 'laughing and killing in joy' as absurdity and insanity ensue.


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At the Reefers of Madness

Inglés, 2009
Corto, Humor

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