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Beyond the Wall of Sleep [Gonzo Entertainment] (2009)

Nathan FisherDirector

34 mins | Estados Unidos | Inglés | IMDb

Beyond the Wall of Sleep (2009)

When a new patient arrives at the asylum Dr. Kaufman must attempt to find the source of his violent madness. Joe Slater has suffered his entire life from strange fits upon awakening, ranting and screaming to the heavens. When Joe murders a neighbor in the throes of one of his attacks he comes under the care of the one man who may be able to discover what lies beyond the wall of sleep.Shot in a neo-noir style and with nods to B movie chillers, Twilight Zone and, Universal Horror. Beyond the Wall of Sleep is a fresh look into the inventive mind of one of the masters of horror H. P. Lovecraft.

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Beyond the Wall of Sleep [Gonzo Entertainment]

Inglés, 2009
Corto, Onírico


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