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Served Cold (2014)

Jeff TidballEscritor
David Lewis JohnsonIlustrador

Langdon Gibson, a marksman and ornithologist, died six days ago on his acreage in the Catskills. It was an attack of some kind, quite bloody. Another man, Frederick Cook, also died gruesomely, in Danbury, Connecticut some months ago. Gibson and Cook had a common link, in that both been involved in the Arctic expeditions of the famous explorer Robert Peary, who mounted a number of expeditions to explore Greenland and the North Pole. Is this a coincidence, or did something unspeakable happen in the polar ice?

Mythos Expeditions 7 opinionesPelgrane PressDic 2014

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Served Cold
Inglés, 2014
Escenario, El Rastro de Cthulhu

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