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Cerulean Halo (2014)

Matthew SandersonEscritor
David Lewis JohnsonIlustrador

Tuesday July 17th 1934. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, on a 12,000 mile voyage from the Caribbean to Portland, Oregon, arrives at Clipperton Island. Four years later, in the summer of 1938, the President is organising a return to the island as part of a 6,000-mile cruise examining various islands known for their curious wildlife, including the Galapagos. As the short-list of candidates is prepared, the Miskatonic decides to organise an expedition of its own to Clipperton Island. With the journey taking a week from the southern tip of Baja California, they will have a week on the island before they have to head back to civilisation before they make their report. Upon an island with a dark past, of which humanity knows so very little, a week can seem a very long time indeed…

Mythos Expeditions 8 opinionesPelgrane PressDic 2014

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Cerulean Halo
Inglés, 2014
Escenario, El Rastro de Cthulhu

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