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Who's That Knocking? (2008)

Garnett ElliotEscritor

College Media Arts major Alan Breen decides to get some live footage for a "shaky-cam” horror movie he’s filming. He invites a group of college students out to an abandoned farmhouse he’s rigged with cameras and shotgun mikes for a Halloween party. Aided by a crew of fellow students/actors who share his vision for guerilla filmmaking, he plans to put the partygoers through a series of staged, “horrific” events, and add the footage to scripted scenes. The resulting opus, Who’s That Knocking?, will become a hit at the independent movie festivals. Fame and offers from established studios are sure to follow.

The Bride of Halloween HorrorChaosiumOct 2008

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Who's That Knocking?

Inglés, 2008
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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