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Virgil Warden Finlay

HPL (1936)

I’ve recently come into touch with Finlay, & find him a most unusual & brilliant character. He’s only 22, & a resident of his native city of Rochester, N.Y. He is a poet of no mean attainments as well as an artist—though of course pictorial art is his primary medium. In future years I feel certain that he will become an artist of distinction, so that the WT group will fee very proud of having known him in his youth.... All of Finlay’s WT work is good—especially the designs for your Lost Paradise & Bloch’s Faceless God. Bloch tells me that Wright considers the latter the finest illustration ever drawn for WT, & that the original hangs framed in the office.

—H.P. Lovecraft, carta a Catherine L. Moore (Octubre de 1936).

I liked the Finlay illustrations to my two tales —indeed, I believe Finlay is the best all-around artist Weird Tales has ever had. His drawing for the Doorstep was really an imaginative masterpiece. Wright has generously presented me with the originals of both Haunter and Doorstep pictures— and they far transcend the mechanical reproductions.

—H.P. Lovecraft, carta a James F. Morton (1937).

Cover for "Ec'h-Pi-El Speaks... An Autobiographical Sketch by H. P. Lovecraft"1972Ilustrador
Hallowe'en in a Suburb1952Ilustrador
Cover for "Weird Tales - Vol. 44 No. 06"1952Ilustrador
The Colour Out of Space194110.00Ilustrador
The Quest of Iranon1939Ilustrador
The Outsider and Others (jacket cover art)19399.00Ilustrador
Cover for "Weird Tales - Vo.31 No.04"1938Ilustrador
Beyond the Wall of Sleep1938Ilustrador
The Thing on the Doorstep1937Ilustrador
The Shunned House19378.00Ilustrador
The Mannikin1937Ilustrador
The Horror in the Burying-Ground1937Ilustrador
H. P. L.19379.00Ilustrador
The Opener of the Way1936Ilustrador
The Haunter of the Dark19369.00Ilustrador
The Grinning Ghoul1936Ilustrador
The Faceless God19369.00Ilustrador

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Virgil Finlay

EE.UU., Varón
23 Jul 1914 — 18 Ene 1971

Obras en 13 volúmenes
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