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Arkham Nights - A Lovecraftian Party Game

Arkham Nights is a party game for 7 to 30 players, set in the rich, haunting world of H.P. Lovecraft. Similar to other party games such as the classics Werewolf and Mafia, Arkham Nights pits two groups of players against each other in a race to the finish. Will the Townsfolk help the Cultist summon the dark lord Cthulhu, or will the Investigators slay the Cultist and foil the best efforts of the Madmen and Monsters who reside in Arkham?

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0Arkham NightsDann Kriss

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Gorgo Héroe Bibliotecario
21-06-2017 23:58

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¿ARKHAM nights? ¿¿ARKHAM?? ¿cómo es posible?

Neddam Bibliotecario
22-06-2017 07:20

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Fácil, no llegó a salir.

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Arkham Nights - A Lovecraftian Party Game

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Dann Kriss Games (DAK0002), 2016

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Arkham Nights - A Lovecraftian Party Game 1 Dann Kriss Games
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