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Delta Green: Strange Authorities. Cthulhu Mythos Stories of Personal Apocalypse

This is the end and the beginning.

Lovecraftian cosmic horror meets techno-thriller espionage in these four stories and a novel, interconnected by a web of deceit.

THE CORN KING: An old warrior on a rogue operation is determined to call down the thunder one last time. But he’s keeping a secret that may unlock a darker destiny.

FINAL REPORT: “Entry One has been breached. Time to get this show on the road. They have no idea the kind of Hell I’ve prepared for them. May God have mercy on my soul.”

MY FATHER’S SON: A Delta Green agent with a mysterious past may learn more than he ever wanted to know when his current case leads where he never dared to go.

THE DARK ABOVE: In the face of madness and horror, two lonely Delta Green agents reach out to each other. Can they really afford such fragile bonds when the secrets of the night surf roll in?

THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: An agent’s disappearance pulls a Delta Green team into a vortex of horror and personal apocalypse. The secrets they uncover threaten to ignite a war between the Delta Green conspiracy and its bitterest enemy— secrets buried within time itself.

With a foreword by Kenneth Hite.


0Foreword (to "Strange Authorities")John Tynes
1The Corn KingJohn Tynes
2Final ReportJohn Tynes
3My Father's SonJohn Tynes
4The Dark AboveJohn Tynes
5The Rules of EngagementJohn Tynes

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Delta Green: Strange Authorities. Cthulhu Mythos Stories of Personal Apocalypse

Inglés, 397 págs.
Antología propia, Dedicado
Arc Dream Publishing, 2012
ISBN: 9780985317508

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