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Secrets of Tibet - An Unknown Land of Mythos and Mystery

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Nueva edición para la 7ª edición de CoC del monográfico MULA de 2008, Mysteries of Tibet. Contenidos revisados (y ampliados), nuevas ilustraciones, nuevos mapas y tres nuevos escenarios.

TIBET is a common term used in the western world to refer to a remote plateau situated north of the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. A land of high-altitude peaks, some areas are impossible to reach without modern technology. The land is populated with malevolent gods and monsters, and deep secrets lie sleeping in ancient tombs and vaults among Tibet’s soaring mountains and deep valleys.

Geologists determined that millions of years ago, the Himalayan mountain range lay at the bottom of the ocean. The gradual movement of Earth’s tectonic plates raised this region so that it now contains many of the highest points above sea level on the planet. The Himalayas cover a vast area that, some whisper, overlaps the Dreamlands and the terror-shrouded mountainous area between the Cold Waste and the dreaded Plateau of Leng.

Secrets of Tibet details information about everyday life in this mysterious and unique country, from the early twentieth century through to more modern times, along with horrific underlying truths. Tibetan demons are remnants of races that came to Earth from the stars millions of years ago. They dwell in hidden places, are served by loyal minions, and are protected by ancient dark cults that span the globe. They slumber until a time when the stars align, and their awakening shall herald the end of the world as we know it. Over millennia some have awakened briefly, sometimes for years or even centuries, to observe what has been happening in the world. Others are dreamers with lesser abilities, but in their slumber they influence the cold mountain areas of Tibet. Combined, their powers have thinned the barriers between the Waking World, Earth’s Dreamlands, and other worlds and dimensions of space and time.

Included within these pages are a history of Tibet, chapters detailing its culture and religion, a bestiary of Tibetan gods and monsters, a guide to the Forbidden City of Lhasa including maps, and three scenarios that will take investigators to the Tibetan plateau and beyond.


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Mysteries of Tibet 7 opinionesChaosium Monograph20081

0Cover (for "Secrets of Tibet")Caleb Cleveland
1Introduction (to "Secrets of Tibet")Jason Williams
2History of Tibet - Call of Cthulhu Version of TibetJason Williams
3Geography of TibetJason Williams
4People of TibetJason Williams
5Tibetan OccupationsJason Williams
6Tibetan SkillsJason Williams
7Tibetan AristocracyJason Williams
8Tibetan GovernmentJason Williams
9Typical HousesJason Williams
10Typical VillageJason Williams
11Tibetan MonasteriesJason Williams
12Tibetan Religious SymbolsJason Williams
13Tibetan Monk SpellsJason Williams
14Bön – Pre-Buddhist ShamanismJason Williams
15Tibetan Mythology and MonstersJason Williams
16Persons of NoteJason Williams
17Famous ExpeditionsJason Williams
18Travelling to TibetJason Williams
19Lhasa, The Forbidden CityJason WilliamsJason Williams
20Tibetan WeaponsJason Williams
21Tibetan Calendar, Festivals, Names, Food, Writing, Words and Phrases.Jason Williams
22Dreaming of the River of NightJason Williams
23Company TownJason Williams
24O'Sleeper! Arise!Jason Williams
25Glossary and Bibliography ("Secrets of Tibet")Jason WilliamsJason Williams

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Secrets of Tibet - An Unknown Land of Mythos and Mystery

Inglés, 172 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA23129), 2013
ISBN: 1568823967

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Secrets of Tibet - An Unknown Land of Mythos and Mystery 172 Chaosium 1568823967
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