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Green and Pleasant Land

Una guía de Gran Bretaña con tres escenarios. La guía incluye gran cantidad de fotografías reales de la época.

Fotografía interior y texto de contraportada:

Fotografía interior del suplemento "Green and Pleasant Land" (Games Workshop, 1987)
The British 1920s-30s Cthulhu Sourgepack

This volume is a Companion to the 3rd. Edition Call of Cthulhu rules, which allows the full horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos to be enacted in good old 1920s-30s Britain, Heat of the Empire, Centre of Civilisation and all-around top-hole, spiffing place to set your Call of Cthulhu campaign, what?

Featured within are sections on British Characters, History, Travel, the Occult, and much more besides which provide all the information Keepers require for British Cthulhu roleplaying.

Also included - Three new adventures!

Datos de publicación:

0Cover for "Green and Pleasant Land"Lee Gibbons
1Introduction (to "Green and Pleasant Land")Pete Tamlyn
2Bibliography ("Green and Pleasant Land")Pete Tamlyn
3BiographiesGraeme Davis, Caroline Rogers, Marcus Rowland, Pete Tamlyn
4CharactersDick Edwards, Chris Elliot, Pete Tamlyn
5Social Life ("Green and Pleasant Land")Andy Bradbury, Pete Tamlyn
6Communications ("Green and Pleasant Land")Pete Tamlyn
7Crime & PunishmentAndy Bradbury
8EntertainmentPete Tamlyn
9Public HealthPete Tamlyn
10Money & PricesDick Edwards, Chris Elliot, Marcus Rowland
11History ("Green and Pleasant Land")Caroline Rogers
12The Occult ("Green and Pleasant Land")Pete Tamlyn
13A Timeline for Britain and Europe 1918-1939Pete Tamlyn
14Fortean and Disasters TimelineMarc Gascoigne
15Archaeology ("Green and Pleasant Land")Graeme Davis
16FolliesPete Tamlyn
17Britain in the MythosPeter Jeffery
18AviationPeter Jeffery
19The Inland WaterwaysPeter Jeffery
20MotoringMarc Gascoigne
21RailwaysNorman Tamlyn
22Sea TravelNorman Tamlyn
23The Horror of the GlenPete Tamlyn, Martin McKenna
24Death in the PostPete Tamlyn, Martin McKenna
25The Shadow over DarkbankPete Tamlyn, Martin McKenna
26The Running Man?Brian Lumley

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Green and Pleasant Land

Inglés, 80 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Games Workshop (GW004450), 1987
ISBN: 9781869893064

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Green and Pleasant Land 80 Games Workshop 9781869893064
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