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The Abbey

Monográfico MULA (Miskatonic University Library Association) para Cthulhu Dark Ages.

Este suplemento presenta un monasterio ficticio, situado al sureste de Francia, una visión general de la zona en el siglo X, y la Orden de San Jerónimo (también ficticia); todo ello orientado a la ambientación de aventuras de Cthulhu Edad Oscura.

Descripción del producto:

Saint Bartholomew's Abbey is an autonomous Benedictine monastery situated along the Lot river, nestled below the Cévennes mountains within the Massif Central region of southeastern France. The year is 962 A.D., and this monastery is presented as an excellent place to begin your Cthulhu Dark Ages campaign. A second section of this monograph provides an overview of tenth-century France, intended to provide a backdrop against which to begin play. The third section presents the Order of St. Jerome. Within its ranks characters can find allies and invaluable support in their fight against darkness.

0Saint Bartholomew's AbbeyMichael Patty
1Introduction to 10th Century FranceMichael Patty
2The Order of the Sword of Saint JeromeMichael Patty
3Investigator Sheet (for "Cthulhu Dark Ages")Stéphane Gesbert6.00

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The Abbey

Inglés, 52 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA0303), Feb 2004
ISBN: 9781568822297

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The Abbey 52 Chaosium 9781568822297
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