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Lovecratf’s Revenge RPG

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02-04-2018 10:22

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Hola, ¿a alguien le suena esto de algo?


Parece que hay un sistema de juego llamado THW. Y admite solo play.

Over a dozen Professions and Attributes making your terror-seeker truly unique.

· A system that rewards or penalizes your characters for their performance.

· Easy to learn game mechanics that compliments the Story, not distract from it.

· Light bookkeeping Campaign system that lets you tie your adventures together.

· Insanity rules that are quick and easy to use, but that will mess with your character’s head, and maybe your own!

· Multiple locations that step right out of Lovecraft’s stories; cities, haunted towns, colleges, waterfronts, and even graveyards.

· Face over 30 different Creatures and Deities, from Deep Ones to Ghouls to Shoggoths, and of course, Cthulhu in all his tentacled greatness!

· The Book, a sample adventure to throw you right into the game.

· All this and much more.

The game generates where you explore, what you encounter, and whether it shakes your hand or attempts to devour you, soul and all. After a while, you might begin believing the game is playing itself; and that’s when things really get creepy! Welcome to your very own horror story.

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Lovecratf’s Revenge RPG

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