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Agents of Dreamland 4 opinionesTor BooksFeb 20176.004
Amazing Stories- Vol.02 No.06Experimenter Publishing Co.Sep 1927
The Antarktos CycleChaosiumAgo 19991
Arkham's Masters of Horror 4 opinionesArkham House20001
The Assaults of Chaos: A Novel about H. P. Lovecraft 1 opinionesHippocampus Press2013
Astounding Stories- Vol.16 No.06Street & Smith Publications, Inc.Feb 1936
Astounding Stories- Vol.17 No.04Street & Smith Publications, Inc.Jun 1936
At the Mountains of Madness and other novels of terrorPanther19741
The Atrocity ArchivesGolden Gryphon PressMay 2004
The Atrocity Archives (A Laundry Files Novel)Penguin GroupDic 20083
The Ballad of Black TomTor Books20168.003
Beyond the Wall of SleepArkham House1943
Black Wings. Tales of Lovecraftian HorrorPS PublishingAbr 20101
Bones of the YopasiFantasy Flight Games (FFG)Oct 2012
The Book of Cthulhu 9 opinionesNight Shade BooksSep 20117.003
The Book of Cthulhu II 2 opinionesNight Shade BooksOct 20126.002
The Book of EibonChaosium20021
The Burrowers BeneathDaw BooksFeb 1974
The Children of CthulhuBallantine BooksEne 2002
Children of LovecraftDark Horse BooksAgo 20161
Cold PrintScream/Press1985
The Color Out of TimeDaw Books1984
The Colour Out of Space and othersLancer BooksJun 1964
Crypt of Cthulhu #01Cryptic PublicationsNov 1981
Crypt of Cthulhu #24Cryptic PublicationsAgo 1984