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The Hounds Of Tindalos (2001)

Steve LinesCompositor
Childe RonaldCompositor

Letra por Steve Lines. Música por Childe Roland. Interpretado por Childe Roland.

With the aid of strange drugs I went back through time, the walls they slowly vanished, my eyes began to see: the veil of illusion fell, I stepped beyond the line. I existed in all men and all men in me.

I went back through weird curves and angles: an abyss of being where no man should ever be. I saw what lies beyond, where dark dimensions tangle, but I went too far and I never will be free.

I can hear them breathing, I can hear them howl. The Hounds of Tindalos are on the prowl. Through outrageous angles, they scented me in Time. The Hounds of Tindalos, horrors so sublime..

In a silence that shrieked, in a light that was not light, that's when I saw them, those foul and loathsome hounds - ravenous and snarling with their hungry blazing eyes. That's when I broke free and fled their snarling sounds.

Now I am waiting, waiting for my doom and I can hear them baying beyond dimension's door. I sit beside the window and watch the angles of my room, for the curves that would protect me have fallen to the floor.

Strange AeonsRainfall Records2001

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The Hounds Of Tindalos
Inglés, 2001
Rock, Mitos

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