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El miedo que acecha (2005)

José María NebredaTraductor

The Lurking Fear (1922, inglés)

H.P. Lovecraft 89 opinionesEscritor

Publicado originalmente en Home Brew en 1923, con ilustraciones originales de Clark Ashton Smith (enlace).

Portada de la revista Home Brew (enero 1923)

...The enclosed published series, Herbert West—Reanimator, represents my poorest work—stuff done to order for a vulgar magazine, & written down to the herd's level. This is a good way to pick up an odd dollar now & then—I am about to start another hell-raiser for it, entitled The Lurking Fear. Having noticed that you sell your drawings, I ventured to give the editor your name & address—since he wants illustrations for the things. If you & he can strike an acceptable bargin, I will show you the story when written & suggest what scenes might best lend themselves to illustration—though on second thought I fancy you could decide this better than I. One need not be ashamed to write or draw for such magazines—Poe & Bierce, I believe, used to write for any old thing.

Carta a Clark Ashton Smith, 12 de noviembre de 1922

I decided to wait till the whole story (The Lurking Fear) was done before sending you anything, since it would hardly be fair to ask you to draw before you have the whole atmosphere & scene to base your conceptions on. I wish I had a better story to offer—this one is frighfully wooden & mechanical because of Houtain's demand that each section be of 2000 words & posses an horrific & suspenseful climax. The conditions were really impossible—he wanted something of short story length, yet with essentially the plan & technic of the novel. ..... You are a genius in conceiving & rendering noxious, baleful, poisonous vegetation, & I veritably believe my descriptions were excited by some of your drawings which Loveman shewed me...

Carta a Clark Ashton Smith, 2 de diciembre de 1922.

El miedo que acecha (cultos blasfemos, entidades abominables...)ValdemarOct 2012
Narrativa completa / Vol. I 10 opinionesValdemarDic 2005

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El miedo que acecha
Español, 2005

The Lurking Fear
Inglés, 1922
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