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La llave (1988)

Juan Antonio SantosTraductor

The Key (1935, inglés)

H.P. Lovecraft 77 opinionesEscritor

Publicado por vez primera en enero de 1935 en The Fantasy Fan.

III. The Key

I do not know what windings in the waste

Of those strange sea-lanes brought me home once more,

But on my porch I trembled, white with haste

To get inside and bolt the heavy door.

I had the book that told the hidden way

Across the void and through the space-hung screens

That hold the undimensioned worlds at bay,

And keep lost aeons to their own demesnes.

At last the key was mine to those vague visions

Of sunset spires and twilight woods that brood

Dim in the gulfs beyond this earth’s precisions,

Lurking as memories of infinitude.

The key was mine, but as I sat there mumbling,

The attic window shook with a faint fumbling.

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La llave
Español, 1988

The Key
Inglés, 1935
Poesía, Relacionado

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