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Michael C. LaBossiere

Profesor de filosofía en la Universidad de Florida.

About this Site

The main purpose of this site is to make my Call of Cthulhu adventures easily available to fellow gamers.

Call of Cthulhu is a "pencil and paper" role playing game based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and is published by Chaosium. In terms of genre, it is a horror game.

The game derives its name from the short story "Call of Cthulhu".

Each entry includes some text describing the adventure as well as link to the PDF file for the adventure. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar software) to use the files.

The adventures can be freely distributed provided that I am given credit and the distribution is not commercial in nature.

Shadows of Maine: Downloadable Call of Cthulhu adventures written by a guy from Maine.

Y además...

● Tenemos artículos creados por Michael LaBossiere, bajo el nombre de Michael C. LaBossiere.

Belief and Madness on Mars2001Escritor
Blood Moon1995Escritor
The Bone Dealers2001Escritor
The Bookstore2001Escritor
Colony Government2001Escritor
Colony Information2001Escritor
Creatures ("First Book of Things")2004Escritor
Denizens of Mars2001Escritor
End Time Sanity and Insanity2001Escritor
Equipment ("End Time")2001Escritor
The First Era2008Escritor
Game Mechanics2008Escritor
Introduction (to "Once Men")2008Escritor
Keeper's Lore ("End Time")2001Escritor
Key Points in the Future History2001Escritor
The Knife2018Escritor
The Knife1992Escritor
Mars Investigator Skills & Occupations2001Escritor
Martian Dreamlands2001Escritor
Once Men, But No More2008Escritor
Part Five: The House that Stands Alone2010Escritor
Part Four: Hellish Engine2010Escritor
Part One: Darkness in the Lighthouse2010Escritor
Part Three: Forgotten Pyramid2010Escritor
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Michael LaBossiere

EE.UU., Varón
1966 — ¿?

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