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Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

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Tales of the Lovecraft MythosBallantine BooksOct 2002

0Preface (to "Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos")?Robert Bloch
1Introduction (to "Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos")Robert M. Price
2The Thing on the Roof 6 opinionesRobert E. Howard6.00
3The Fire of AsshurbanipalRobert E. Howard9.00
4The Seven Geases 27 opinionesClark Ashton Smith7.00
5Fane of the Black PharaohRobert Bloch
6The Invaders?Henry Kuttner
7The Bells of Horror?Henry Kuttner
8The Thing that Walked on the WindAugust Derleth
9IthaquaAugust Derleth4.00
10The Lair of the Star-SpawnAugust Derleth, Mark Schorer3.00
11Lord of IllusionE. Hoffman Price
12The Warder of KnowledgeRichard F. Searight
13The Scourge of B'MothBertram Russell
14The House of the Worm?Mearle Prout
15Spawn of the Green AbyssC. Hall Thompson
16The Guardian of the BookHenry Hasse Hasse
17The AbyssRobert A. Lowndes
18The Music of the Stars?Duane W. Rimel
19The AquariumCarl Jacobi
20The Horror Out of LovecraftDonald A. Wollheim Wollheim
21To Arkham and the Stars?Fritz Leiber

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Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

Inglés, 327 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Fedogan & Bremer, 1992
ISBN: 187825202X

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Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos 327 Fedogan & Bremer 187825202X
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