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Long Memories: Recollections of Frank Belknap Long

Frank Belknap Long's first professional story appeared in "Weird Tales" in 1924. He knew H. P. Lovecraft, who termed Long his best friend. Despite his legendary status, Long was known to only a few, among them the writer Peter Cannon. In this original publication, Cannon presents a picture of Long's final years with his devoted wife Lyda; it is a frank and honest account, not to be missed by those who want to learn about the personalities behind the genre.

0Long Memories: Recollections of Frank Belknap LongPeter Cannon

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Long Memories: Recollections of Frank Belknap Long

Inglés, 68 págs.
Biografía, Tangencial
British Fantasy Society, Dic 1997
ISBN: 0952415313

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Long Memories: Recollections of Frank Belknap Long 68 British Fantasy Society 0952415313
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