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Secrets of Kenya

Página interior del suplemento "Secrets of Kenya" (Chaosium, 2007)

SECRETS OF KENYA introduces a portion of this vast and varied continent — three times the size of the United States, with a ratio of four Africans to every American alive during this era. Kenya provides a setting that can be both familiar and foreign. Settled by Great Britain in the 1900’s it is an English-speaking colony where all the trappings of home can be found in the capital of Nairobi. Beyond Nairobi’s limits, much of Kenya remains unexplored and virgin territory for investigations, and hidden horrors.

The first half of this book provides a civil, cultural, political, geographical, and Mythos tour of Kenya during the 1920’s and 1930’s, the remainder offers four longer adventures using this background. The majority of the material in this book is factual, though locations have been elaborated on for game play. Familiar resources such as police files, newspapers, libraries, and museums are harder to come by. When they are present, diminished resources are all that investigators can expect.


0Cover for "Secrets of Kenya"David Lee Ingersoll
1Illustrations for "Secrets of Kenya"David Conyers
2Introduction (to "Secrets of Kenya")David Conyers
3As Above, So BelowDavid Conyers
4Africa Political Map 1930sDavid Conyers
5The Making of KenyaDavid Conyers
6Kenya Political Map 1930sDavid Conyers
7The African PeopleDavid Conyers
8Guide to NairobiDavid Conyers
9The Kenyan InteriorDavid Conyers
10African BestiaryDavid Conyers
11Secret SocietiesDavid Conyers
12Madness of the AncestorsDavid Conyers
13The Cats of LamuDavid Conyers
14Savage LandsDavid Conyers
15Wooden DeathDavid Conyers
16Appendix A: Timeline of British East AfricaDavid Conyers
17Appendix B: Cthulhu AfrikusDavid Conyers
18African Mythos: Mysterious PlacesDavid Conyers
19Appendix C: Bibliography (for "Secrets of Kenya")David Conyers

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Acabamos de añadir esta guía a la Biblioteca.

Dado que parte de la campaña Las máscaras de Nyarlathotep se desarrolla en Kenia, esta guía puede ser de utilidad como complemento... y hasta se podría aprovechar alguno de los escenarios.



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AVISO: hay información importante (spoilers) del capítulo de Kenia de Las Máscaras de Nyarlathotep en varias partes de este suplemento.

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Ooooops. No me había dado cuenta.

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Secrets of Kenya

Inglés, 248 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA23109), 2007
ISBN: 9781568821887

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Secrets of Kenya 248 Chaosium 9781568821887
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