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The Big Book of Cults

Monográfico MULA (Miskatonic University Library Association).

Este suplemento aporta 5 cultos para La Llamada de Cthulhu en la época actual.

Descripción del producto:

This book contains a collection of modern-day organisations for use in your Call of Cthulhu games. The Church of a Thousand Tomorrows can nuke you from orbit, while the Sufferers’ Guild could be brought down with a few well-placed phone calls. More importantly, all the personalities described have reasons for the things they do. Some of the characters want revenge, some are just looking for a good time, many are doing what they believe is right.

0Cover for "The Big Book of Cults"David Lee Ingersoll
1The Church of a Thousand TomorrowsBen Counter, David Hughes
2The Golden ChaliceBen Counter, David Lee Ingersoll
3The HammerBen Counter, Tim Joyner
4The Hunting Falls ClinicBen Counter, Jason Fletcher
5The Sufferers' GuildBen Counter, David Hughes
6The TriumvirateBen Counter, David Lee Ingersoll

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The Big Book of Cults

Inglés, 100 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA0316), Jun 2005
ISBN: 9781568822426

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The Big Book of Cults 100 Chaosium 9781568822426
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