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The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting

Segunda entrega de la serie The Lovecraft Squad, coordinada por Stephen Jones, sobre una agencia secreta dedicada a luchar contra las monstruosidades creadas por la imaginación de HP Lovecraft.

In April 1936, Lovecraft’s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth was first published. Written five years earlier, but oddly rejected by every magazine it was ever submitted to, it accurately described a series of events that actually happened in February 1928, when federal government agents raided the ancient Massachusetts seaport of Innsmouth and attempted to eradicate a deviant race of ichthyoid creatures which had been interbreeding with the human population for decades, if not centuries.

There was no way that the reclusive pulp writer could have known so much about a case where the details had been withheld for fear of creating a panic among the public. Following these startling revelations, the F.B.I. went back and investigated more closely into the stories that Lovecraft was publishing as “fiction.” Incredibly, it soon began to emerge that the events in Innsmouth were not a solitary event—and the monstrosities the author described really did exist.

To combat these cosmic horrors, the Human Protection League (H.P.L.) was established to investigate and combat these otherworldly invaders. Down through the decades since, the only defense that has stood between humanity and these creatures of chaos are the agents of the H.P.L.—or, as they are sometimes known to those few who are aware of their existence: The Lovecraft Squad.

El resto de la serie lo conforman:

0Prologue: Howard's Way?Angela Slatter
1Shadows Over Innsmouth?Brian Hodge
2Ec'h-Pi-El?Reggie Oliver
3The Armies of the Night?Reggie Oliver
4The Olde Fellowes?Michael Marshall Smith
5Randolph Carter, Secret Agent?Steve Rasnic Tem
6The Stuff that Dreams Are Made of...?Peter Atkins
7Junior G-Men Vs. the Whispers in Darkness?Richard Gavin
8At the Hills of Hollywood?Jay Russell
9Arkham House on Haunted Hill?Thana Niveau
10The Color out in Space?Stephen Baxter
11The Shadow Across 110th Street?Kim Newman

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The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting

Inglés, 336 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Pegasus Books, Oct 2017
ISBN: 9781681775258

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