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The Lovecraft Squad: Rising

Cuarta y por el momento última entrega de la serie The Lovecraft Squad, coordinada por Stephen Jones, sobre una agencia secreta dedicada a luchar contra las monstruosidades creadas por la imaginación de HP Lovecraft.

From its new headquarters, the Human Protection League (colloquially known as “The Lovecraft Squad”) must regroup against the rising tide of supernatural threats from such clandestine cults as The Olde Fellowes and The Esoteric Order of Dagon, who worship a group of ancient deities known as the Great Old Ones. As their unholy acolytes prepare to resurrect these multi-dimensional gods from their imprisonment beneath the earth and beyond the stars, the universe hovers on the brink of an Eldritch War such as it has never known before. The only thing that may stand between victory or the enslavement and eventual destruction of the human race itself is a man out of his own time―a writer, a visionary, a dreamer on the night-side.

El resto de la serie lo conforman:

0Prologue: the Devils in the White City?Reggie Oliver
1The Outsider and Others?Lisa Morton
2The Thing About Cats?Peter Atkins
3The Four Churches?John Llewelyn Probert
4Hastur la Vista, Baby?Mike Chinn, Adrian Cole
5House of the Crystal Staircase?Thana Niveau
6A Fun Guy From Yuggoth?Michael Marshall Smith
7The Ninth Planet?Stephen Baxter
8The Haunters of the Dark Affair?Steve Rasnic Tem
9Out of Time?Angela Slatter
10The Final Sacrifice?Brian Hodge
11Epilogue: Out of the Aeons?John Llewelyn Probert

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The Lovecraft Squad: Rising

Inglés, 384 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Pegasus Books, Ene 2020
ISBN: 9781643133225

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The Lovecraft Squad: Rising 384 Pegasus Books 9781643133225
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