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The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming

Tercera entrega de la serie The Lovecraft Squad, coordinada por Stephen Jones, sobre una agencia secreta dedicada a luchar contra las monstruosidades creadas por la imaginación de HP Lovecraft.

The Armies of the Night are rising. Such clandestine cults as the Olde Fellowes and the Esoteric Order of Dagon, who worship a group of ancient deities called the Great Old Ones, are harnessing occult powers to open the doorways to the Dreamscape and other dimensions beyond space and time.

Now something big is coming―something that is already sowing the seeds of madness and chaos into the psyche of the world―and only the agents of the Human Protection League stand between this rising tide of evil and the enslavement and eventual destruction of the human race itself . . .

Set against such historic events as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, San Francisco’s “Summer of Love,” the first Moon landing, the rise of the Civil Rights Movement, and the Watergate break-in, the dedicated members of the Lovecraft Squad battle supernatural threats all across the world―and from beyond the stars. .

El resto de la serie lo conforman:

0Prologue: The Black Ship?Reggie Oliver
1The Dreams in the White House?Lisa Morton
2Weird Shadows Over Innsbruck?Brian Hodge
3The Window of Erich Zann?Michael Marshall Smith
4The Dunwich Horrors?John Llewelyn Probert
5The Shadow Over the Moon?Stephen Baxter
6Into the Dreamlands?Angela Slatter
7Water Gate?Sean Hogan, Lynda E. Rucker
8Voodoo Vs. Cthulhu!?Kim Newman
9Cool Air?Lisa Morton
10The Cats of Arthur?Peter Atkins

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The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming

Inglés, 368 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Pegasus Books, Nov 2018
ISBN: 9781681778679

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The Lovecraft Squad: Dreaming 368 Pegasus Books 9781681778679
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