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A'Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions 6 opinionesWizKidsAgo 20181
Arkham Horror. The Boardgame for Monster HuntersChaosium19872
Arkham InvestigatorAutoedición20131
Arkham Nights - A Lovecraftian Party Game 2 opinionesDann Kriss Games2016
Building an Elder GodSignal Fire Studios20111
The Cards of CthulhuDan Verssen Games20141
Chaos of CthulhuImp House Game Company20151
Chez CthulhuSteve Jackson GamesFeb 20101
Creatures & Cultists: A Furiously Fuggly Card GamePagan Publishing19931
Cthulhu 500. Mythos Motorsports Madness! 11 opinionesAtlas GamesAgo 20042
Cthulhu DiceSteve Jackson GamesMar 20102
Cthulhu GloomAtlas GamesAgo 20112
Cthulhu in the HouseCMON Limited20161
Cthulhu RisingTwilight Creations Inc.Nov 20081
Cthulhu Tales. A Storytelling Game of the Cthulhu MythosCubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.Oct 20171
Cthulhu Wars - Core Game 8 opinionesPetersen Games20153
Cthulhu!!! Hastur la vista, baby!Twilight Creations Inc.Mar 20141
Cthulhu's VaultJolly Roger Games20151
Cthulhu. The Great Old OneDann Kriss Games20141
Cthulhu: Rise of the CultsREDIMP GAMESOct 20171
Cultists & CthulhuProlific Games20161
Cultists of CthulhuSixpence Games20161
Cults Across America. The Board Game of Cthulhoid DominationAtlas Games19981
Cults of Arkham 1 opinionesAutoedición20141
Do You Worship Cthulhu?Toy Vault Inc.20062